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Hi there, I am Yohann

Yohann Degli Esposti

Software Engineer / Scrum Master at IBM Interactive

I am a software engineer with 3 years of experience. I specialize in innovative solutions, and help build experiences that match the vision of my clients. I am fond of 3D/XR technologies, and try to deepen my skills and create immersive content.

Team Work


The Day Before the Harvest
The Day Before the Harvest
Developer Jan 2023

A care game made for Ludum Dare 52 with a team of expert from groupe onepoint. Ranked 113 of 1651

No Time To Dice
No Time To Dice
Developer Jul 2022

A narrative game made for GMTK2022 in 48h with a team of expert from groupe onepoint. Ranked 158 out of 6165.

Unity - 101 Formation
Unity - 101 Formation
Speaker Jul 2022

A set of slides I made to introduce new developers to the Unity3D engine. The goal was to introduce the engine and functionalities in a day.

The Last Way - Our Way
The Last Way - Our Way
Developer Apr 2021

A tactical RPG made for the Chill&Game Jam, created by the center Georges Pompidou.

The Devil's Glitch
The Devil's Glitch
Developer Jan 2020

A narrative GBA-style game made in 48hours for Wowie Game Jam 2.0. Ranked 20 out of 345.

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Fullstack engineer and Scrum Master
IBM Interactive

Sept 2022 - Ongoing, Paris, France

IBM Interactive is an IBM company specialized in consulting. It promotes quality and innovative delivery.

  • Conceive and animate scrum rituals, be the servant leader of the team’s agility
  • Advice clients on agility concepts and help propose and create solution to put them in place
  • Synchronize different teams on deployment and testing sessions on solutions
  • Advice on solutions and architecture, reworking of deployment procedure and code
  • Peer programming and code review, support of the dev team through code and tools
  • Creation of deployment tools to help the development team automatize the process

Groupe onepoint.

Sept 2021 - Aug 2022, Paris, France

onepoint. is a consulting company known wildly. It promotes a quality work for its client, based on rigourous criteria.

  • Design and develop applications in .NET, backends and APIs, and benchmark for performance optimization.
  • Conceive proper 3D solitions for different immersive experiences (visit of monuments, games…) with Roblox, Unity3D or BabylonJS.
  • Develop and maintain a full API in Golang for an encryption-based identity system, respect of security criteria.

3D Intern
IBM Interactive

Sept 2019 - Jan 2020, Bois-Colombe, France

IBM Interactive is a consulting company, aiming at giving its client innovative solutions.

  • Development of an Angular website for 3D data visualisation.
  • Development of a full 3D scene allowing for data visualisation, with information retrieval from remote API and display on the website.
  • Development of a Virtual Reality industry exeprience aiming at allowing company directors to immerge in their buildings.


Sep 2018-2021
Software Engineering Diploma - European Section
Feb 2018-Jul 2018
Software Engineering Courses - ERASMUS exchange
Sep 2016-2018
Preparatory class in Engineering
Preparatory class in litterature
Secondary Education Certificate - European Mention


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